Helpful Information About Impact-Resistant Windows


If you live in any state that experiences bad weather during certain seasons, it is worth taking steps to protect your home. Although severe storms like hurricanes and tornadoes can destroy a house to splinters, sometimes the winds only shatter windows and cause other types of damage. A protective measure that you can take is to replace your windows with ones that are impact resistant. Impact-resistant windows are actually required in certain states, such as states that commonly experience hurricanes.

28 December 2022

2 Benefits Of Regularly Scheduled Window Cleaning Services For Your Business


When you own a business that is visited by customers or clients, you want to make sure that every detail in the building makes a good impression. When planning out these details, do not forget about keeping the windows clean.  While you could have your own employees take care of the windows, they have other duties they need to do to keep your business running. Instead, consider hiring a professional service to regularly clean your windows.

14 November 2022

Protecting Your Home from Damage When You Live in Storm-Prone Areas


If you own property along the water, you will have to face storms from time to time. The damage your home sustains during severe weather can depend on how you prepare it, and installing hurricane shutters can have a significant benefit. Storm Protection For Glass The windows in your home will withstand some amount of bad weather, and if you live where storms are common, you may have hurricane glass windows for extra durability.

1 September 2022

When To Replace Your Windows


Homeowners have their windows replaced for so many reasons. There may be damage to their windows, the windows may be outdated, the windows may not offer them something they want, or there could be any number of other reasons for replacing them. You can become familiar with some signs you may want to have your windows replaced in the following information:  Water is getting inside If you are feeling dampness or seeing puddles on your floor below a window, then this indicates there is likely a leak.

1 September 2022

Buying New Custom Drapes? How To Care For Your New Window Coverings


If you're going to invest in custom draperies, now's the time to learn about proper care. Custom draperies give you the beauty and durability you want, but they do need to receive the right maintenance. Here are four tips that will help you care for your new custom draperies.  Keep the Dust Off the Fibers Regardless of how careful you are, your drapes will collect some dust. Unfortunately, dust can damage the fibers, especially if it's not removed fast enough.

13 July 2022

Shutters: They're More Than Just Decorative


Shutters often get lumped in with other window treatments as a decorative element and a way to add character to your home. Indeed, installing shutters can change the appearance of your home or help give it a certain look. But shutters are not purely decorative. They are also a very functional window treatment. Here are a few of the key benefits that come with installing shutters on your home. Shutters protect your windows from wind and tree branches

3 June 2022

Windows: When To Repair, When To Replace, And Why Vinyl May Be Best


There are many times when it may be in your best interest to have your windows repaired or replaced, whether there is damage to them or not. Once you learn about just a few of these reasons, you may find yourself paying even closer attention to the windows around your home. Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding your windows, as well as information on why vinyl windows may be a good choice for you.

22 April 2022

The Benefits Of Choosing Home Window Tinting Over Traditional Window Coverings


When considering what window coverings to use in their home, far too many homeowners overlook the option of having their windows tinted rather than making use of traditional window coverings. In many cases, this is simply because they are unaware of all the impressive benefits that home window tints have to offer. Continue reading to learn more about these benefits so that you can decide for yourself if home window tinting is right for you.

28 February 2022

Sound Reduction And Absorption Products


Soundproof window treatments include products that are designed to block and absorb sound. Determine what types of sounds are a nuisance to you and choose blocking or absorption products that will be effective. Minimal Changes To A Room Sound reduction involves lowering the amount of sound that comes directly from its source. Poor construction or the proximity of a home or business to another one may make the indoor noise level unbearable during certain times of the day or night.

12 January 2022