How To Know If Your Home Needs New Windows


As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your home systems are always up-to-date and in the best possible shape. As such, you may be wondering whether or not you are in need of updated windows in your home. There are many different signs that you can and should look out for to determine if your home needs new windows. Get to know some of these factors so that you can contact a residential window installation company as soon as possible if you notice any or all of the signs of window trouble. 

Your Energy Bills Have Been Steadily Increasing

One of the ways that you can tell something is amiss with your windows has to do with your energy bills. If you have noticed that your energy bills seem to just keep going up, you might have air leaking through your windows. 

When you get your energy bills, there are two ways that you may want to compare them. You can compare usage and costs between the current month and the previous month to see if there are any extreme increases that would not be accounted for by weather changes. And there are also sections on gas and electric bills that compare your usage between this year and last year. 

If, in either of these cases, you notice extreme increases in your energy use (i.e. an increase of 20 percent or more), you likely have an issue with your windows.There could be gaps between the window frame and the rest of your home or there could be problems with the window glass itself. 

You Notice a Lot of Condensation on Your Windows

Another sign that your windows are in need of replacement is if you notice a great deal of condensation pooling up on your windows. Window glass should never have large amounts of water clinging to it. If this happens, you will want to try to wipe down those windows and see if the condensation occurs again. If it does, you have a significant air leak in your windows. 

Other forms of condensation can occur in your windows as well. Have you ever noticed your windows looking foggy, or as if there is rain water caught inside of the glass? This occurs when there is a leak in the outside pane of window glass. Most modern windows are made up of very thin layers of glass with pockets of air in between. When an outer pane of glass is damaged, moisture can get trapped in the space in between the panes, causing that fogginess. 

Now that you know a few of the signs that you need new windows, be sure to contact a residential window installation company, such as Acme Glass & Tinting, as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs. 


17 January 2018

Start Spring Cleaning Early

Every year, I make a list of spring cleaning tasks. Unfortunately, I’m a procrastinator. Therefore, I rarely complete every item on my extensive list. This year, I plan to start my spring cleaning early. One of the tasks I’m passionate about is cleaning windows. When I get finished with my windows, I want them to appear invisible due to their level of cleanness. To accomplish this task, I use both over-the-counter window cleaners and natural cleaning agents. To reduce the incidence of smudges, you can wipe your windows down with a newspaper. On this blog, you will learn how to clean your windows before spring arrives.