Some Of The Many Misconceptions About Home Window Replacement


Most homeowners will, at some point, need to have their windows replaced. However, this is not a maintenance task that is done as often as, say, carpet cleaning or tree trimming. As such, most homeowners do not know a lot about window replacement and are prone to believing some common misconceptions about the service. You deserve to know the truth — so take a look at these common misconceptions about window replacement.

Misconception #1: You can and should replace windows yourself to save money.

If you get a quote from a window replacement company and compare it to the price of windows at a local hardware store, then it's easy to jump to the conclusion that a DIY window replacement is cheaper. However, this is only the case in the short-term. It's really hard to install windows safely and efficiently without proper training, so your DIY windows may leak and cause water damage elsewhere in your home. Also, windows sold by hardware stores tend to be much less durable and efficient than those sold by window replacement companies. Hiring a window replacement company to replace your windows is the better choice and the more affordable choice in the long run since it will prevent additional damage and help you save on energy.

Misconception #2: All replacement windows are made from vinyl these days.

When you hear the word "replacement window," white, vinyl windows probably come to mind. These are common, as many homeowners find them attractive and easy to clean. However, if you don't like the look of white vinyl windows, there are plenty of other options! Vinyl windows come in an array of colors, although you may have to pay a bit more for colorful ones. Also, window replacement companies typically do offer composite and wood windows. They're just not as popular as they take more time to install and maintain.

Misconception #3: You have to stick with the same window style when you replace your home windows.

If you have double-hung windows, you need to stick with double-hung windows when you replace them, right? Well, not really. Although many homeowners do stick with the same type of window, you do not have to. You can switch to casements. You can have a window opening cut larger and have a picture window installed. Your window replacement technician can let you know what your choices are for a specific window opening.

Now that you know a little more about the reality of window replacement, you're in a better position to have your own windows replaced. Good luck! 


21 October 2020

Start Spring Cleaning Early

Every year, I make a list of spring cleaning tasks. Unfortunately, I’m a procrastinator. Therefore, I rarely complete every item on my extensive list. This year, I plan to start my spring cleaning early. One of the tasks I’m passionate about is cleaning windows. When I get finished with my windows, I want them to appear invisible due to their level of cleanness. To accomplish this task, I use both over-the-counter window cleaners and natural cleaning agents. To reduce the incidence of smudges, you can wipe your windows down with a newspaper. On this blog, you will learn how to clean your windows before spring arrives.