How Fiber Cement Siding Protects You From the Elements


Siding exists to protect your home from the elements so that your home can do a better job of protecting you from the elements. All siding accomplishes this goal to some extent, but fiber cement siding really goes above and beyond. Here's a closer look at how fiber cement siding protects your home from the various elements of nature.


Fiber cement siding offers excellent water protection, and not just when it is new. This siding is actually made from wood fibers, which are generally reclaimed from wood scraps. While you might think this would make the siding prone to rot and water damage, the fibers are actually encased in cement. Only the cement comes into direct contact with any water, so that means your wood fibers don't develop rot or other water damage. Whereas natural wood siding may start to rot and let water in after some time, fiber cement siding keeps the rain out, year after year, without suffering any water damage.


A lot of other siding materials warp and bow to some degree when the temperature gets too cold. This can leave some small gaps between siding pieces, allowing cold air to penetrate. You won't feel a rush of cold air in the home, but your heating bills may be a bit higher. Fiber cement siding does not distort like this. It stays straight and true, even as temperatures change. It's also a really great insulator. This is why many homeowners find their homes stay warmer and their heating bills stay lower once they have fiber cement siding installed.


Hopefully, your home is never at risk of catching on fire. But if it is, your home stands a greater chance of surviving the fire with fiber cement siding. Because it is mostly made from concrete, which is non-flammable, this siding won't light on fire, melt, or burn easily. This makes fiber cement siding a common choice in areas where there are forest fires. It's also a really good choice in cities where the homes are closer together, and where fires, therefore, spread easily from one home to the next.

All siding gives you protection from the elements, but fiber cement really goes above and beyond. Make sure you ask your siding contractor for a quote for fiber cement if you need new siding. They can tell you more about this and your other options, helping you to compare the best siding for your home.


8 June 2021

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