Scenarios Where You Might Want To Consider A Replacement Door Frame


Doors are built to be durable. Doors are built to be able to withstand lots of opening and shutting and slamming for years and years without a problem developing. But eventually, even the most durable door will start to show signs of wear and tear. If the door is only making a squeaking noise, that's something a can of lubricant can likely fix. But there are some other scenarios where it might be worth considering a replacement door frame. Here are some of the situations where you might want to consider reaching out to a local door and window company today. 

There's a Draft Coming in Through the Door

Is the door in question one that leads to outside your house? Maybe it's an old wooden door that lets out into your backyard or a door down in the basement that leads to an alternate exit to the house? If your energy bill is going up and you know the windows aren't the culprit, it could be your rickety old door frame that's the problem. There's only so much weatherstripping can do to keep air out. If it's clear that a draft is coming in through a loose frame, it's time for a replacement.

Opening and Shutting the Door is Just Too Much Work

Opening and shutting any door in your house is something that you should be able to do without really thinking about it. It's just an automatic action for most people, and you aren't even really considering the opening or shutting action as you move forward with your day. At least, that's the way a door is supposed to work. But if your door is suddenly difficult to open or close or doesn't want to stay completely closed after you shut it, there might be some wear and tear that is now causing an issue. A door expert can take a look and see if this is a small fix or if there is a need for a full replacement.

The Door is Outdated Compared to the Renovations You've Made Throughout the Rest of the House

Of course, something doesn't have to be wrong for you to want to replace a door frame. Perhaps you have an older house and have spent time and money renovating areas like your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, but you are still rocking the original doors that were there when the house was first built. Installing a brand new door frame and door that better matches your modern decor is a worthwhile consideration.

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2 September 2021

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