Shutters: They're More Than Just Decorative


Shutters often get lumped in with other window treatments as a decorative element and a way to add character to your home. Indeed, installing shutters can change the appearance of your home or help give it a certain look. But shutters are not purely decorative. They are also a very functional window treatment. Here are a few of the key benefits that come with installing shutters on your home.

Shutters protect your windows from wind and tree branches

If you go to an area where hurricanes are common, you'll see that many of the homes have a special kind of shutter called hurricane shutters. If you don't live in a hurricane zone, you don't really need these, but ordinary shutters can similarly offer your windows some protection against the wind that comes with ordinary thunderstorms. The wind will hit the shutters, not the glass, which means your glass windows are far less likely to break in a storm. You also don't need to worry about branches blowing into the windows when you have shutters. The shutters might get a little scraped up by a big branch, but that's better than having a glass window break.

Shutters protect against intruders

Intruders often figure out whether they want to break into a home, and how to break into a home, by looking in the windows. Sometimes, they even break in directly through the windows. Shutters prevent a lot of this. If you close the shutters before you leave the home, then intruders won't be able to peer in and assess the place. They're also less likely to break in since doing so requires more than simply breaking glass.

Shutters help with energy efficiency

When you lose the shutters, you are essentially creating another layer of insulation in front of your windows. They can block cold air directly, and they can also stop heat transfer through the windows. As a result, you're likely to have lower AC bills in the summer and lower heating bills in the winter. Keep in mind that saving energy is as good for the planet as it is for your budget, too.

It is acceptable to install shutters on your home because you like the way you look. However, shutters do have benefits beyond their good looks, too. Consider the various benefits above as you decide whether you want to have shutters added to your home windows.

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3 June 2022

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