3 Signs You May Need To Replace Your Sliding Glass Door


Your sliding glass door may have provided you with years of service, so why is it suddenly misbehaving on you? These products have more potential failure points than you might realize, from the rubber that seals off the space between panes to the rollers that allow for smooth motion. Some of these issues can respond to a simple sliding glass door repair, while others may require you to replace the door completely. Here are three scenarios in which you might need to consider sliding glass door replacement.

1. You See Fog Between the Panes

When your sliding glass door shows fog and the weather report doesn't, you're looking at a problem with the the door's double-pane construction. These two panes of glass are typically separated by a small space which is closed off to the outside world with rubberized gaskets along the edges. This design provides stronger insulation against outside sounds and temperature changes. Drying agents called desiccants are placed within this space to keep humidity out of it. When the vacuum seal against the outside world has been breached, the desiccants can no longer control the moisture level between the two panes -- and you get condensation in the form of fog.

What can you do about this problem? You might be able to subdue your fog problem temporarily by having a technician push additional desiccants into the space between panes. This will keep the space dry for a while, but eventually the fog will return as the desiccants are overwhelmed by humidity. If you really want this problem fixed once and for all, you have to invest in a sliding glass door replacement.

2. You Love the Incoming Light, But You Hate the UV

Many homeowners rely on their sliding glass doors to brighten the living room or den with a generous helping of natural light,. This is especially important if the room is difficult to light artificially for whatever reason (high ceilings, insufficient socket placement and so forth), or if natural light is needed for activities such as painting. Unfortunately, all that beautiful light has its ugly side -- namely, ultraviolet rays. UV exposure not only poses a threat to human health by promoting skin cancers and cataracts, but it can also fade your expensive furnishings, upholstery and artwork. Yes, you can draw curtains over blinds over your glass door, but then you lose the light you crave. How can this dilemma be dealt with?

There are two possible solutions. One is to cover your sliding glass door with a clear UV-blocking window film. This approach saves you the expense of replacing the window glass, but cutting the film precisely and applying it evenly can prove challenging if you're not naturally skilled at DIY projects. You may also have trouble finding a single sheet that will cover your entire pane of glass -- and if you do, you may have even more trouble handling it. The easier (if costlier) option is to replace your current glass with low-E glass. Low-E glass has a special UV-blocking layer built right into it, and you can get it in either tinted or clear varieties.

3. Your Sliding Door Doesn't Slide

A sliding door that doesn't slide is nothing but a window, and that's a major problem if yours provides the only direct access to your patio, deck or back yard. In many cases, a stuck sliding door can be repaired fairly easily -- but there are exceptions that may call for a full sliding glass door replacement.

If you're lucky, the problem may be nothing more serious than twigs, gravel or some other obstacle blocking the path of the rollers. Cleaning the track along which the rollers move should solve your problem. Bent or rusty rollers can also be swapped out for new ones, although you may need the help of an experienced handyman or repair technician. A more serious problem such as a bent or deformed track, however, may signal the need for a whole new door installation, especially if the door is already old and displaying other trouble signs as well. 

Whether you can fix your sliding glass door in a matter of minutes or you're better off replacing it with a new model, you'll be glad you took care of this issue the next time you're hosting a backyard party, filling your home with natural light, or simply enjoying the view. Contact a company like Solar Shield Windows for more information. Good luck! 


28 November 2015

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