Increase Energy Efficiency in the Older Home You Just Bought


Now that you have moved into the older home you have recently purchased, you're likely looking for affordable ways to make some improvements so the place stays comfortable and performs better for you throughout the years. Energy efficiency is an important consideration to make, as older homes tend to leak air and provide poor weather protection, especially during the hottest and coldest seasons of the year. For this reason, it's a good idea to consider focusing on home-improvement projects that will increase energy efficiency within your home.

21 November 2016

4 Questions To Ask Before Replacing Your Windows


Deciding between repairing and replacing your windows can seem like a tough call to make. While there are certainly advantages to upgrading your windows for esthetic reasons, it may ultimately be necessary when a repair isn't doable. If you're unsure about what to do, here are four questions to ask yourself when deciding if a replacement is in order. Are your windows single pane? Single-pane windows are quite common in older homes.

20 June 2016

Sliding Glass Door Sticking? Try These DIY Fixes


A sliding glass door can be a convenient and attractive way to get out onto your patio or to your pool. Over time, however, you might find that it's more and more difficult to open and close the slider. Sometimes a failing frame is to blame, and other times the track is the problem. If you can't get your door open or shut at all, it's best to call a glass door repair and replacement company, such as Cheaper Window Glass.

4 April 2016

Prepare and Protect Your Siding from the Stresses of Summer with These Five Tips


Many homeowners choose vinyl siding such as James Hardie siding because it's virtually maintenance free. However, it still requires a bit of maintenance, especially if you want to keep it looking great for years to come. And although you don't have to paint vinyl siding like you do wood, you may want to make efforts to protect it from the summer's heat and the harsh rays of the sun. Here are a few tips on summer maintenance for vinyl siding:

11 January 2016

3 Signs You May Need To Replace Your Sliding Glass Door


Your sliding glass door may have provided you with years of service, so why is it suddenly misbehaving on you? These products have more potential failure points than you might realize, from the rubber that seals off the space between panes to the rollers that allow for smooth motion. Some of these issues can respond to a simple sliding glass door repair, while others may require you to replace the door completely.

28 November 2015

Five Risks And Tragedies You Can Avoid By Repairing Or Replacing Your Damaged Windshield


If you have dings or cracks in your vehicle's windshield, you should repair or replace them as soon as possible. Repairing or replacing a broken windshield is not exclusively an aesthetic issue. Rather, the choice can help you avoid a lot of very serious and potentially even deadly risks. Here is a look at just some of them: 1. Shattering Glass Most windshields are made of two transparent pieces of glass with a layer of vinyl resin in between them.

21 August 2015

3 Ways Professional Window Cleaning Can Brighten Your Day


When was the last time you cleaned your windows? The odds are good that it's one of your least favorite chores ā€“ window cleaning is so unpopular that the words "I don't do windows" are a well-known punchline. You may even question whether cleaning windows is necessary ā€“ it's so hard to get them clear and free of streaks or haziness, and often they seem to look dirty again the next day.

13 July 2015

Whimsical Wedding Decor: Unique Ways To Upcycle Old Windows After Replacement


Planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful. From the initial cost of booking the venue to ordering invitations and buying the dress, it is easy to have overwhelming emotions and high expenses. If you are currently planning your wedding, it is important to find ways to save money. Considering Americans created an estimated 251 million tons of trash in 2012 alone, recycling old building materials into unique decorations after window replacement is a great way to cut costs.

3 April 2015