Increase Energy Efficiency in the Older Home You Just Bought


Now that you have moved into the older home you have recently purchased, you're likely looking for affordable ways to make some improvements so the place stays comfortable and performs better for you throughout the years. Energy efficiency is an important consideration to make, as older homes tend to leak air and provide poor weather protection, especially during the hottest and coldest seasons of the year.

For this reason, it's a good idea to consider focusing on home-improvement projects that will increase energy efficiency within your home. This is a great way to save some money on power and help ensure that the belongings in your home are protected from outdoor elements. Here are a few easy things you can do to increase your older home's energy efficiency as well as decrease your energy costs throughout the year:

Landscape with Trees

Landscaping with trees is an excellent way to increase your property's value by up to an impressive 20 percent while providing some extra weather protection for your home year round. Plant your new trees near windows, patios, and porches that get direct sunlight during the day and in front of your exterior HVAC unit. Make sure you know how large your trees will get upon maturity before planting them so you can plant them far enough away from your home that their branches won't break off and hit the roof as they age.

Deciduous trees are an interesting option because they retain broad leaves during the summer that will help shade your home from unwanted heat. In the winter, they lose their leaves and allow the sun to heat things up without wearing out your HVAC system. Consider planting Japanese maple, dogwood, and magnolia trees.

Seal Up Your Air Ducts

Because your home is older, the chances are that its air ducts are leaking in various places, and that decreases energy efficiency, compromises air quality, and puts extra wear and tear on your HVAC system overall. Because of this, it's a good idea to inspect the ducts throughout your house and wrap any areas where leaks are apparent or where the ducts look worn out. Use duct tape to wrap the ducts where some extra support is needed.

Don't forget to check air ducts in spaces where you don't spend a lot of time, such as in the attic and basement. If you find any air ducts that are completely ripped or so worn that it's tough to make your duct tape adhere to them, you'll need to call in a professional to do an inspection and make some replacements where necessary. You can then go in and seal any ducts that didn't have to be fully replaced.

Replace Your Windows

Replacing the old windows with newer Energy Star–rated options is one of the most effective ways you can increase the energy efficiency within your home. Energy Star windows will keep unwanted air flow from entering your home to improve energy efficiency and reduce your power bills throughout the year, and that means that your windows will help lower your household's overall carbon footprint.

Your new Energy Star–rated windows will also protect your home's flooring, walls, and furniture from harmful UV rays. After your new windows are installed, consider applying insulation film to them for additional energy efficiency and UV protection. Insulation film comes in a variety of colors and designs that make it easy to accommodate the current décor inside and outside of your home.

With the help of these tips and tricks, you should be able to improve energy efficiency quickly throughout your home and keep your power bills down throughout the year, no matter what season it happens to be. 

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21 November 2016

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Every year, I make a list of spring cleaning tasks. Unfortunately, I’m a procrastinator. Therefore, I rarely complete every item on my extensive list. This year, I plan to start my spring cleaning early. One of the tasks I’m passionate about is cleaning windows. When I get finished with my windows, I want them to appear invisible due to their level of cleanness. To accomplish this task, I use both over-the-counter window cleaners and natural cleaning agents. To reduce the incidence of smudges, you can wipe your windows down with a newspaper. On this blog, you will learn how to clean your windows before spring arrives.